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Other Services

In addition to DVD Compression and Authoring, at Digitize Media Services we offer a number of other related services.

- Video Capture, Encoding & Transcoding (for websites, etc.)

If you have program material on video-tape or digital files which you need to convert, we can help you with that too. Using state-of-the-art hardware and software tools, such as Harmonic / Rhozet ProMedia® Carbon, we can capture, edit and output to a massive array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats.

- Video Capture for Editing

If you simply need your video to be captured (“digitized”), to uncompressed files from professional video-tape sources, or DV-QuickTime/DV-AVI files for use in editing systems such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, again we can help you with that!

- Audio Capture & Encoding

In addition to capturing audio from professional formats such as DAT or DTRS, we are able to capture audio from a number of consumer/semi-pro formats such as analog cassette tape, ¼” reel-to-reel audio tape, MiniDisc & vinyl records. All performed with professional-grade playback and capture equipment. Whether you need uncompressed WAV files, an Audio CD, or conversion to compressed formats such as MP3 or AAC, we’ve got you covered!

- Standards Conversion

The vast majority of PAL DVD players are compatible with NTSC DVD Video discs (assuming the disc’s Region Code matches that of the player, or is open for all regions) and many of our clients choose to release NTSC discs even in PAL territories (Europe, Australia, etc.) However, if you do require a PAL DVD, no problem! We are able to convert both NTSC and HD files to PAL. Likewise, if you have PAL source material we can convert that to NTSC for you.

- DVD Duplication and Replication

We offer in-house DVD Duplication, using the finest Taiyo Yuden-JVC and Verbatim Professional DVD-R media, with full-color on-disc printing. For larger-quantity duplication orders and those requiring printed packaging, we work closely with a local disc duplication facility. For professional DVD products we are fully set up to electronically deliver your DVD Mastering Files directly to the leading disc replication facility in the US and can arrange disc replication for you at highly competitive rates. Please contact us for a quote!