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DVD Authoring

Sonic® Scenarist SD
At Digitize Media Services, we use Sonic® Scenarist SD - the worldwide standard for professional DVD authoring. Combining industry-leading power with field-proven player compatibility, this DVD authoring software allows us to take full creative advantage of all that DVD has to offer. Of course, the software is only as good as the DVD Author who’s using it, but we have that covered! Digitize Media Services’ Authoring Engineer has more than 14 years’ professional authoring experience, creating DVD titles for many of the world’s largest studios, including Paramount, Warner, Disney, HBO and Sony.

Number 1 for Professional DVD Authoring
Used to create over 90% of the world's commercial DVD releases, Scenarist has been relied on by leading authoring facilities around the globe to handle their DVD authoring needs.

Powerful Specification-level Control
Professional DVDs demand professional capabilities. Scenarist SD is the only DVD authoring software that lets us exert cell-level control over every detail of your titles.

Unsurpassed Player Compatibility
Scenarist's reputation for player compatibility is built on a 16-year history of making DVDs that play across all platforms, from set-tops to game consoles and PCs.

Tapeless Premastering with PlantDirect™
Scenarist's exclusive PlantDirect technology lets us securely deliver DVD masters over the Internet, complete with the Disc Description Protocol (DDP) data that is required by replicators (and missing from standard disc images).

DVD Re-Authoring

Do you have an existing DVD Video disc that you’d like to update? Using a professional re-authoring system, in most cases we are able to convert the DVD not only to the raw elements contained on the disc (video/audio/images/menus/subtitles/etc.), but also to a Scenarist authoring script.

This gives us the ability to modify an existing title by adding or removing features from the disc, updating any of the content of the disc, or even repairing faulty authoring – all without having to author the disc from scratch. This service is particularly useful when a simple update is necessary, for example to update a distributor’s logo, to update movie trailers on a disc, or even just to change the disc’s Region Code. Naturally this is a very cost-effective solution for our clients, since the majority of the existing encoding and authoring can be retained.