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Welcome To Digitize Media Services NY LLC.

At Digitize Media Services we specialize in professional-grade DVD Authoring for the commercial, corporate, and consumer markets.

With more than 14 years’ experience in the professional DVD Authoring business, Digitize Media Services’ Compression & Authoring Engineer has authored hundreds of DVD titles for many of the world’s leading studios, including Paramount, Warner, Disney, HBO and Sony.

Combining industry-standard Professional Compression & Authoring Systems, such as Sonic® Scenarist, with unparalleled DVD Authoring expertise, we are able to handle just about any DVD project, from the simplest home-movie to the most feature-rich commercial product.

Operating with minimal overheads, we are able to offer professional-grade authoring at prices that no other New York-based DVD Authoring company can beat! Conveniently located on West 42nd Street in Manhattan, we offer a highly personal service, with a no-job-too-small and no-job-too-big approach. Whether you’re a consumer looking to preserve your home-movies on DVD, an independent filmmaker, or the largest corporate client looking to save on your DVD Compression & Authoring costs – without sacrificing quality – we can help!